About us

Kaunas city social service centre is a budgetary institution of non-stationary social services, funded from the budget of Kaunas city municipality. The owner of the Centre is Kaunas city municipality. The rights and responsibilities of the Centre are being implemented by Kaunas city municipal council.

The aim of Kaunas city social service centre isto create the circumstances for person (or family) to develop or strengthen their capacity and opportunities in order to solve their social problems and overcome social exclusion independently.


Kaunas city social service centre provides the following social services:

  • Informing (Social support information system (SPIS) code 201);
  • Counseling (SPIS code 202);
  • Advocacy and representation (SPIS code 203);
  • Catering organization (SPIS code 204);
  • Provision of necessary clothing and footwear (SPIS code 2018);
  • Organising transportation service (SPIS code 206);
  • Socio-cultural services (SPIS code 207);
  • Organising personal hygiene services (SPIS code 208);
  • Temporary lodging (SPIS code 222);
  • Home assistance (SPIS code 310);
  • Social skills development and support (SPIS code 320);
  • Psychosocial support (SPIS code 360);
  • Accommodation in Lodging House and crisis centres (SPIS code 370);
  • Day social care (SPIS codes 411, 414, 415).

Kaunas city social service centre’s working hours:

Mondays 8 AM – 5 PM
Tuesdays 8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesdays 8 AM – 5 PM
Thursdays 8 AM – 5 PM
Fridays 8 AM – 3.45 PM

Lunch break: 12 PM – 12.45 PM.

Day before national festivals the Centre works an hour shorter.

Requisite information:

Municipal budgetary institution

Kaunas city social service centre

a/s Nr. LT 584010042500040187, AB DNB bankas;

Data are kept in the Centre of legal entities, the institution code 135950440


Kauno miesto socialinių paslaugų centro kontaktai

Partizanu str. 38D, Kaunas 49490

Telephone (8-37) 322462, 

E-mail: info@kaunospc.lt

Kaunas City municipality Centre of Social services is the institution in the subordination of Kaunas City municipality. Center was established in 30’05’2002 under decision of Kaunas City municipality council.

Divisions of the Center:
  • Department of General affairs – is organising inner orders, public procurements, accepting documents and working the its registrations, organising staff records and other.
  • Department of Social Services for community – is providing social services to elderly and physically handicapped people at home, at the day care centre and to other people, who have social problems; social workers organizing social services in Kaunas city districts (there are 11 districts), assesses the needs of social services and social support;
  • Department of Social Services for families – is providing special or general social services for families at social risk.
  • Department of Lodging House services – is providing social services for homeless people in Kaunas city municipality.
Structure and contacts
Career opportunities

If you wish to join our team, please send your CV to an e-mail info@kaunospc.lt.

Your CV will be kept in our data base and revised when needed.

Information for the students / volunteers

If you wish to do practice or become a volunteer at our Centre, please send an e-mail info@kaunospc.lt.